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Modern Girls Bedroom Ideas, Take a peek at this girls bedroom decoration

As children get older, children must also have their own bedroom. In addition to being a place of rest, the presence of the bedroom can also be a creative area for children freely without interference. Likewise with girls, a special room is needed for your daughter to be able to freely do hobbies, study, and rest, especially when entering school age. Modern Girls Bedroom Ideas

Well, so that children always feel at home in the room, of course they need the right decorations to create a cozy atmosphere and of course make the room look more beautiful.

What can I use to decorate a girls bedroom?

There are lots of ways to make a girls room pretty, through cute accessories or with hanging lights. Opt to use floaty or embroidered fabrics for curtains and on cushions. Hang delicate fairy lights from walls or over the bed to create a twinkling canopy.

Here are some Modern Girls Bedroom Ideas that you can imitate at home. Anything? Let’s see the review!

Girls Bedroom Decoration Soft Shades

Girls’ bedroom decorations are usually dominated by pink. However, in order to still emphasize the soft impression you can choose pink with pastel tones.

These colors can make the room look softer and more feminine without having to look too much. To be more neutral, you can also add white accents in a room that is quite dominant.

Gingham pattern decorations on bed linen or pillowcases in matching colors are also suitable for girls’ rooms. You don’t need a lot of decorations for a ‘soft’ themed room, the right color game is enough to make the room look more beautiful.

However, if you still want to add decorative elements, you can use carpets or vintage paintings so that the walls are not too plain.

Modern Girls Bedroom IdeasDecoration with Mosquito Net

Add a sweet impression to your daughter’s bedroom decor by using a mosquito net on the bed. This one decoration is very suitable for girls’ rooms because in addition to being feminine, the presence of mosquito nets can also make the room more aesthetic.

If you want to look sweeter, you can imitate the inspiration above by using pink ribbons to tie the mosquito net to the bed.

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You can also add floral accents to the sheets or blankets with colors that match the wall paint. It’s not always pink, other colors such as sky blue, pastel yellow, or purple can also be used as a girl’s room color.

Luxurious Girls Bedroom Decoration

If you have a larger room, then decorating a girl’s bedroom with luxurious nuances can be an option for you. Far from being playful, the luxurious feel makes the room seem more mature but still sweet.

The combination of pink and gold is a neat combination to create an elegant yet sweet impression for the room. You can add decorations such as paintings with gold frames or ornamental plants on the shelves.

The luxurious feel of a girl’s room is perfect if your daughter is about to enter her teens. In addition, this feminine and luxurious room decoration is also suitable to be applied in large houses with a similar concept,

Unique and Playful Girls Bedroom Decoration

Unusual color combinations with unique decorations make this one bedroom an interesting inspiration. How not, the combination of pink, sage green, pastel purple and orange creates a playful look in the bedroom.

This color combination is suitable if your child does not like a style that is too feminine and likes a more unique impression.

You can imitate the unique bookshelf in the room inspiration above as the right decoration for a child’s room. The use of a bunk bed can also be an attractive decoration and certainly saves space.

Girls Bedroom Decoration with Tent

If you want to highlight the feel of a room like a fairy tale, then decorations such as mini tents and fairy lights can be an interesting choice.

The presence of a tent in a child’s room has become a decoration that is quite popular lately because apart from being a decoration, the tent can also be a place for children to play to hone their fun creativity.

Also set up a tent on the carpet and add soft pillows inside the tent so that if the children fall asleep while playing, they will still feel comfortable.

Interesting right? Those are some Modern Girls Bedroom Ideas that you can imitate at home, hopefully this article can help and good luck!