How To Make A Perfect Layered Bed

How To Make A Perfect Layered Bed – Well, all those pillows and upholstery, they create a near-perfect cozy place that’s impossible to leave. In this article, we will show you how to make the perfect layered bed in your own home.

How To Make A Perfect Layered Bed

Now before we get started, we need to establish some ground rules, Pillow and duvet sizes vary slightly for king, queen, or twin beds. But from now on the things we will mean tip is for queen beds. Don’t underestimate the importance of blanket inserts.  It is the key ingredient to make your quilted bed the softest and most luxurious.

After that, you want to put on your first blanket. The key is to make sure this first blanket is pretty flat so that it contrasts nicely with the duvet you’re about to put on top of it. Remember the inserts! Once you place them in your duvet, you’re ready to put your duvet on your bed Fold it and the top sheet under it about halfway down the bed so that the bottom of the duvet is hitting just above the ground, and the top of the duvet is in line with where you folded your top sheet.

To finish out your blankets add a throw to the bottom third of your bed. It’s super easy to do this at JCPenney because you can find multiple piece sets to achieve this look and save money! Start the pillow layering with two king shams at the headboard. The second layer is two standard pillows in front of these. For a fuller look, you can add a second set of standard pillows with a matching comforter pillowcases. From there, add two decorative accent pillows in front of your standard pillows. For full symmetry, I personally add an additional 1 pillow in front. Either a statement pillow or a bolster pillow. It really ties the whole hotel, but not a hotel vibe together. Now doesn’t this look just like a bed in a hotel?

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