The Idea of ​​Decorating Condo

The idea of ​​decorating condo begi

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n to be sought by many people. This is because condominiums are becoming a trending residence nowadays. Instead of buying a public house whose prices are soaring, a newlywed couple is better off living in a condo. In addition to housing, condominiums are also right for you to have as a place to relax.

Get to know more about the condominium

Condominium comes from English, combining the two words “con” and “dominium” which means common ownership. In full, it is an apartment-like residence with full ownership of the owner. This is a large property complex that is sold in the size of several units.
It is said together because the condominium has swimming pool facilities, a gym, and a vehicle parking area that is shared with other residents. The advantage of having a condominium is that you can socialize with your neighbors because in one tower you can reach 300 condominium units.
Since most of the space in a condo is indoors, it is important that you know how to decorate your condo. After all, everyone wants to have a comfortable residence and make the residents feel at home.

6 Condo decorating ideas

1. Living room

Want to have a comfortable, pleasant living room but doesn’t take up much space? It can. One of the keys you can buy a convertible sofa bed. You can get two functions at the same time. You can entertain your guests with a sofa and if your guests want to lie down, you just simply pull the bed out from under the sofa.
That way, you don’t have to bother buying an extra mattress or confused where to put it if you buy an extra mattress.

2. Bedroom

Creative with limited space is not impossible. Again you can have a hidden bed to put in the guest bedroom. This bed will only be opened when you want to use it, after that you can fold it back.

3. Wall

Because you have a lot of room on one floor, you certainly have more walls. Use your wall by attaching a display of family photos or your favorite artwork. In addition, you can also hang your widescreen television on the wall to save space. Around the television, you can hang a hanging deck that can store your trophies or other items.

4. Kitchen and dining room

Your home will be very fun if you have a kitchen and furniture. Even though your living space is limited, the decoration must be maximized. You can buy a built in to save land. Installing this cabinet can be from the ceiling or also from wall to wall. This cupboard is used to store your cooking utensils.
For the dining room, you can combine it with the kitchen. Later the kitchen will have two tables, one table for cooking purposes and not far away there is a table for eating. The semi cafe dining table model is interesting for you to try.

5. Cabinets and shelves

Just like in the kitchen and walls, you need to have a built in wardrobe to put your clothes. This wardrobe model can help you minimize the feeling of tightness in the room. You can place these cabinets and shelves in the bedroom so as not to disturb the view of guests who come.

6. Pattern and color

Choose bright and neutral colors for your condo. Light and neutral colors will help your home look spacious and calm. You can choose between white, cream, light brown, gray. In addition, a touch of vertical line pattern can give the impression of height in your condo.
Avoid colors that will make your condo look dull or boring. This will make you uncomfortable in a dwelling that can be said to be of limited size.

Actually there is no problem with narrow or wide occupancy, the most important thing is how we decorate it. By having unique and creative decorating ideas, of course living in a dwelling will feel more comfortable.